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Monday, March 30, 2020

from Pastor Cory Whitford:

Before we get to today’s devotional, I would like to personally address the uncertainty associated with the coronavirus. We simply don’t know what the future holds. But the one thing you don’t want to be uncertain about is your salvation. Today is the perfect day to step across the line and make a commitment to Christ. If you’re ready to do that, please pray…

Jesus Christ, I ask you to come into my life and save me. I know I have sinned and that I can’t save myself. I need you to be my Savior. I want to know you and learn to trust you. Please help me in Your name. Amen.

If you just prayed to accept Jesus, I encourage you to share with us all here at Riverside Community Church your decision. We would love to celebrate and congratulate you as you start your journey with Jesus.


“I came naked from my mothers womb, and I will be naked when I leave. The Lord gave me what I had, and the Lord has taken it away. Praise the name of the Lord!” – Job 1:21(NLT)

What would happen if every single thing in your life went bad?

Would you still trust God if your plans didn’t work out?

If everything fell apart? If you lost it all?

Would you be able to honor God even in your pain?

The whole book of Job in the Bible is about answering that question:

Will you worship God when everything in your life goes wrong?

For Job, almost everything that could go wrong, did, but Job was faithful. He worshiped God by honoring him, even when he was wounded. So how do you honor God when you don’t understand what’s going on in your life? How do you keep your eyes on God when they’re full of tears, when you feel like all around you is crumbling?

What do we do?

We honor God, not by thanking him for your problems but by thanking him in the middle of your problems. We do what Job did.

Job 1:22 tells us how Job responded…

In all this Job did not sin by blaming God”

There are points in all our lives we can find reasons to praise God. Truth is never all good, and life is never all bad. In every moment you have good and bad together. Throughout the book of Job, Job finds the good for which he can praise God, even in the middle of the bad. We all can use this list from the book of Job to help us praise God, no matter what’s going on.

Here’s what you can praise God for:

  • That He is good and loving (Job 10:12) All the time!

  • That He is all-powerful (Job 36:22, 37:5, 23)

  • That He notices every detail of your life (Job 23:10, 31:4)

  • That He is in control (Job 34:13)

  • That He has a plan for your life (Job 23:14)

  • That He will protect you (Job 5:11)

RCC family–

I know these are uncertain times. I pray these words are a breath of fresh air. May you continue to find the peace, love and comfort that comes from Jesus Christ. Whatever is going on in your life today, choose to honor God in faith.


Pastor Cory

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