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Teen Group Hope

A peer to peer support group opportunity to talk with and listen to others who know the personal nature of mental illness and emotional struggles.

NAMI Family Group

A peer-led support group for family members, caregivers and loved ones of individuals living with mental illness. Gain insight from the challenges and successes of others facing similar circumstances.

Love Never Dies

Two different support groups for mothers and fathers who have experienced the pain and loss of losing a child. The group offers moms and dads a community of support people as they move through the journey of healing from their loss.

Hope & Healing

A small group of women who seek a safe place to share their lives, learn what the Bible says about healing wounds of the soul, and support each other through the daily trials that life brings our way.


Adult-led group for high school and college age students who are taking strides towards independence and responsibility, and also learning how to walk with Christ through life's challenges.


Peer to peer group for parents of young children who are seeking to take a moment out of their busy schedules to relax, fellowship and dive into the Word to learn how to be role models and Godly examples for our children.

Talk Back

A group of people who focus on the weekly sermons as a guiding light to becoming better Christians. Fun and relaxed group of people who enjoy spending time with other followers of Jesus.


Energetic group of people who enjoy fun and fellowship​, with challenging questions about the journey we are on here on earth, as we focus on our heavenly destination.

Hymn History

Dive into the fascinating history of hymns with this focused small group that shares stories from a various number of resources, including books and movies. Group meets at Riverside and is open for anyone.

Sew What

This group of hobbyists enjoy quilting and have joined forces to piece together fabulous works of art. The quilts they produce are auctioned off at fundraisers for the church's signature mission trip,

Project Serve.

Riverside Service

People who are looking to serve have formed the group, Riverside Service, to provide a resource for those in need. This group seeks out members in need and looks for various ways to help.


This lively group of people enjoy spending time together outside of Sunday mornings to fellowship, play games and allow God to build on the strong bonds of friendship between Riverside members.