August 27, 2020


Hallelujah!  Praise The Lord!  Hosanna!  (and any other religious oriented exclamation phrases)  I am excited to share the details of Riverside re-launching and re-gathering ‘in person’ for Sunday morning services. 


Our first service back will be September 6th.  As we are excited to be able to finally worship together once again, I want to remind you that when we re-gather it will be very different from what we have known. Therefore, I am asking that you show patience as we navigate this new reality in the way we gather for corporate worship.  


Enclosed, you will find the plan we will be implementing for us to re-gather.  As you can imagine, the task of opening our church for services once again is taking a lot more thought, planning and work than it did for closing things down for a while.  Included in the plan, we are committed to doing our absolute best to create a safe and yet welcoming environment.


We know that there will be some bumps as we re-open and we also know that your ideas and opinions of the Covid-19 virus, the wearing of masks and social distancing may be a lot different than someone else.  So, as we implement this plan, I have one main request. . . please be filled with patience, understanding and grace toward others as we navigate through this time.  Please take some time to go over the enclosed details and guidelines that you’ll need to know.


First Sunday Back To Re-Gather – September 6th.


  • The first thing that will be different is the time of services.  We will start back with 2 services.  The first service will begin at 9:00am and the second service (contemporary service) will begin at 11:00am.  We will continue our online service at our website as well as transmitting the service live where you can listen and worship in your car in the parking lot by tuning to 107.7fm.  There will be no Children’s Ministries until a later date.


  • Doors will open 15 minutes before the service start time.  This means the doors will be locked and not opened until 8:45 for the 1st service and 10:45 for the 2nd service.  Please remain in your car or outside until the doors open.


  • We are requiring everyone to wear a face mask.  (we will have masks available)


  • Before you enter the building, your temperature will be taken.  If you have a 100.4 temperature or above you will be asked to worship outside in your car or online.  Please be respectful and do not be offended if this occurs.  


  • Doors will be propped open so no handles are touched. 


  • We ask everyone to maintain the six feet of social distancing.  


  • As you enter, there will be greeters.  They will be smiling under their masks.  But, no handshakes, fist bumps, or hugs. 


  • Please observe the signs as you enter. 


  • We will have hand sanitizing stations set up in the lobby.


  • Seating in the lobby has been temporarily removed and we are asking that there be no congregating in the lobby.  

  • Everyone will be seated by ushers into the sanctuary.  This is another thing that will be very different from what we are used to.  You probably will not be sitting where you are used to sitting.  (Please do not bribe or bargain with the usher seating you)  Once seated, please remain in your seated area.  Because of the restrictions on the number of people allowed in the sanctuary, we will seat people in the fellowship hall if needed and stream the service downstairs.  


  • All seating will reflect social distancing.  Families will be allowed to sit together.  


  • There will be no bulletins handed out.


  • All bibles and hymnals have been removed from the pews.  We encourage everyone to bring their own bible’s from home.  All bible verses and songs will be projected on the screen. 


  • Offering plates will not be passed during our services. We will have 3 offering boxes in the back of the sanctuary for you to place your offering in.  You can do so as you enter or leave.  We also encourage online giving on the church website.


  • On Communion Sundays, we will use pre-packaged, disposable communion. You will pick it up on your way in.  There will be trash receptacles for you to dispose your empty communion cup as you leave.


  • At the end of the service you will be dismissed by ushers to maintain social distancing. 


  • The only restrooms that will be available are those in the lobby.


  • All water fountains are not to be used. 


  • There will be no Coffee/Fellowship Hour.


  • Cleaning will take place before the first service and we have allowed ample time in between services for our volunteers to clean and prepare for the second service. 


  • If you have a fever, are not feeling well, have health issues or symptoms, we ask that you remain at home and worship with us online.  And for those who will wait a bit longer to return, know that this is completely understandable.  We look forward to continuing to connect and worship with you online. 


  • Thank you for your understanding, cooperation and patience.  If you have any questions, feel free to phone the church office.


 Looking Forward To The 6th!




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